Welcome to Planet Earth.

Bliss Bouncing Sessions with Me!

Seeing with your heart.

Breatharians.  Soooo beautiful and bright! ^♥^ Thriving on pure bliss! This is our natural state of being.

This is where we live. ♥

Powerfully beautiful video showing the energy of kindness flowing from one person to another in everyday situations. ♥

Self Esteem Boosting Survey ♥

15 Positive Things in Your Life
01 Faeries!

02 Modern Technology’s ability to warm me and transport me places really quickly, and connect me to the whole world through the intarwebz.

03 Trees.

04 My super high vibe friends.

05 My infinite flowing true self of divine loooooove and infinite potential/powah!

06 Creative expression.

07 Adventure!

08 Magical nature!

09 Synchronicity!

10 My body and its amazing abilities that allow me to experience the physical world!

11 Colors!

12 The infiniteness of my current existence & experiencing it in so many ways!

13 My imagination!!!!! 

14 Anime!!!  ^0^!  Especially stuff like Pokemon and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

15 Cuddles!!!!!!!  <n.n>!!!!!!

14 Compliments From You To Yourself

01 I’m sooooo adorable!

02 I’m really fun, and SPUNKY!  AND CUTE!

03 I always make my dreams #1 and dance on the leading edge!

04 I’m reeeeally good at evolving into who I prefer to be. 

05 I’m an open book and totally honest about everything.

06 I make awesome stir fry.  (AHAHA *W*)

07 I’m really good at making myself happy, because happy is fun!

08 I’m a really cool dancer.  XD  *boogies to the groove now!*

09 Send sacred geometry, Reiki, and sparkles to lots of people and places I love!

10 I inspire sooooo many people through my youtube videos!

11 I’m an amaaaaazing artist!


13 I love myself!

14 I do my very best to see the best in all people and situations!

13 Accomplishments You’ve Made
01 I became a Reiki master!

02 I became comfortable in my own skin!

03 I made an etsy store for my magnificent creations!

04 I wrote so many amazing poems, and a song!

05 I raised the vibration of my speech patterns high enough to talk with fairies!

06 I let go of everything and flew to Hawaii!

07 I made my own money and paid my own rent for a whole year!

08 I found my own self worth by seeing someone find me worthy of their care.

09 I forgave myself for soooo many things.

10 I came to know my own inherent wellness, which flows through all beings.

11 I learned to identify with source energy and began rewriting thought patterns.

12 I learned that being myself is all I was ever meant to do. 

13 I learned unconditional love. 

12 Simple Things That Make You Smile
01 Fluffy baby animals!

02 Baby Seanne! ^♥^ AND HIS ADORABLE CHEEKS!

03 Synchronicityyyy!  The number 26.  &  8.

04  Huuuuuuuuuumor!  COMEDIES!

05 Smiling people.

06 Nature. 

07 Clumsy moments.  (Moe much? ^0^)

08 Fairies!

09 Clean things.  LOL

10 Crystals.

11 Meditation.

12 Dancing.

11 Things Others Have Complimented You On
My energyyy!

02 My joy!

03 My shmexy bodeh!

04 My singing!

05 My dancing!

06 My sparkling personality!  XD!

07 My bright and shiny smiiiiiiile!

08 My GREEN EYEBALLS.  *flutterflutter*

09 My art!

10 The foooooods I make!

11 My dreams!!  ^♥^!!!

10 Things That Always Cheer You Up
01 My amaaaaaaazing friends who I LOOOOVE!!!

02 Happy fun muuuuuusic!

03 Silliness!

04 Sssssstretching!

05 ANASTAAAASIA!!!! ♥♥♥♥!!!

06 High vibe YOUTUBES!

07 Adorable anime!

08 Hugging treeeees! ♥



9 Songs/Books/Movies/Etc That Make You Happy or Have Changed Your Life

02 The Andalite Chronicles! 

03 What the Bleep Do We Know?

04 All of the Zeitgeist films.

05 The Lord of the Rings Movies

06 The Mists of Avalon ♥♥♥♥♥♥

07 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

08 All of the beauuuuuuutiful music from choir in school.  ♥


8 Favorite Places to Go
01 Hawaiiiiiiiiii!  ^♥^

02 The woods!

03 Fairport Harbor beeeeach.  ♥

04 Aunt Donna’s!

05 Driving around everywhere to see what’s aroooooound!

06 Health food stores!

07 Dancey places with sweet lights and a cool vibe!  NELSON’S LEDGES!

08 Metaphysical Shops!  (CRYYYYYYSTAAAAAAALSSSSSSS  *drools*)

7 Things You Are Looking Forward To
01 Planting millions of edible things for people to enjooooooy!


03 Finally sending Claire her GORGOUS dress with my original art on it!!!!!!!

04 Using WEN to cleanse my haaaaair toniiiiiiiiiight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05 Going to Dance Your Soul on Friday!

06 Playing with the Faeries’ Oracle Deck to get to know the LOVELY FAE!

07 Joining Sabrina BrightStar’s meditation journey tomorrow!  ^♥^!!!

6 Traits You Admire in Other People
01 Dreamfollowage.  XD!!!

02 Open-ness.

03 Positivity.

04 Awareness.

05 Confidence!

06 Passion!

5 Proudest Moments in Your Life
01 Teaching my first Reiki students, and seeing how they lit up.  ♥

02 Seeing how much more deeply Sean and I love one another.  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

03 Finally accepting that I’ve been doing it right all along.  ^♥^

04 Seeing that I inspire people through the experiences I share on youtube. ♥♥♥♥

05 Right now.  ^-^

4 Important People in Your Life
01 Me!  XD!!!

02 Sean!  ♥♥

03 My der kuzn!  ^0^

04 My mommy.  ♥

3 Favorite Memories
01 Flying in the sky!  Swimming in the ocean with dolphins!

02 My rainbow bees.  ^♥^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03 Falling in love.  ♥

2 Realistic Goals
01 Sell my amazing raw chocolate truffles over the intarwebz!

02 Sing beautifully every day.  ♥ 

1 Thing You Can Do Today To Take Time For Yourself
01 Enjoy an amaaaaaazing shower in my waterfall.  And eat CHOCOLATE.  XD!!!!!!!